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Prospective franchisees for Super Emoji must possess a deep appreciation for the brand concept and exhibit a genuine enthusiasm for running milk tea shops. They should demonstrate a steadfast commitment to abiding by the rules and regulations set by Super Emoji Headquarters, embracing centralized management, engaging in unified training, and actively participating in headquarters-organized activities. Furthermore, franchisees should align with Super Emoji's management philosophy and be eager to establish a long-term partnership with the headquarters. In addition to these attributes, they must have sufficient startup capital, a capacity for risk, and a strong social network. Maintaining an impeccable business and personal reputation, free from any negative records, and conscientiously upholding the brand image is also crucial. Finally, franchisees are required to secure a suitable business location or standalone store, ensuring compliance with the headquarters' regulations regarding store type and location.


Franchising Procedure

Step 1:

Investment consulting

Investors consult related cooperation matters with the headquarters through online customer service consultation or online message to obtain relevant information.

Step 2:

On-site inspection

Investors visit the headquarters to conduct project inspections and communicate with headquarters staff about the business.

Step 3:

Qualification review

The headquarters reviews the investor to confirm the investor’s cooperation qualification

Step 4:

Payment of intention fee

After the preliminary intention is reached, investors pay the intention fee to ensure exclusive cooperation in the region.

Step 5:

Signing the contract

The two parties confirmed that the inspection results were not in dispute and formally signed the contract.

Step 6:

Payment of fees

The investor pays related expenses to the headquarters.

Step 7:

Headquarters training

The headquarters arranges investors for technical training.

Step 8:

Store decoration

The headquarters provides decoration guidance and design guidance for franchisees.

Step 9:


The headquarters will continue to pay attention to the operation of franchisees and provide business guidance and assistance.

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