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Here‘s your summer Bingsu guide‼️ Super stuffed, super bursting Bingsu

👏 Have you had your first bowl of bursting Bingsu this summer?
Every type is incredibly aesthetic and tasty‼️ Perfect for photos that are super Insta-worthy~
🥭👍🏻 Mango Bursting Bingsu
Loaded with fresh mango! Topped with a mango cheese foam - fragrant and refreshing~
🥚 Salted Egg Bursting Bingsu
Filled with rich salted egg yolk!
🧋 Thai-style Bursting Bingsu
Super rich Thai milk🥛~
We also have white peach🍑 bursting Bingsu, matcha🍵 bursting Bingsu, and taro🍠 bursting Bingsu~
Fine, fluffy ice that melts in your mouth~ Served with a variety of toppings and sweet, crunchy water chestnut pearls~ Super refreshing!

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